An American Tradition since 1878

Hey, you! Yeah, you. The Genny fan. We see you, busting your a** to get it done. We know what it’s like to put your all into what you do. To do it YOUR way. Hell, we’ve been brewing world-class beers for over 140 years! How? Blood, sweat, tears, and cold beers! That’s how it’s done!

So, let’s see how you do it! Show us how it’s done this summer—grilling, mowing, construction, getting that engine running again—we want to see it all. Any project that involves hard work, know-how and a cold Genesee afterwards is fair game.

That's How it's Done: Watkins Glen

We’re proud to be fueling fans at Watkins Glen International during the 2019 racing season! We’re going back to the races as the official beer of Watkins Glen, and we’re ready to make this summer a memorable one with fun and unique opportunities for fans of both WGI and Genesee. If you love motorsports, great beer and the great outdoors, get ready to get revved up and join us this summer at The Glen!